About the Company

Founded in 2004, by Al Abhari and his wife Jamie Claire, Go Internet Media became a leader in lead generation for the education market. With two primary business units, AcademixDirect and RevenueLoop, Internet Media gained traction as a rapidly growing technology leader in online marketing, gaining market share in the post-secondary school sector as well as reaching beyond the education industry to affiliate-based online advertising.

The Challenge

In 2008, the founders, Al Abhari and Jamie Claire, realized that their company lacked the financial resources necessary to continue to grow the business at a high rate. They decided to consider the option of engaging an outside partner that could offer the resources to take his company to the next level. When they met Arbor Advisors, Al and Jamie were impressed with the investment bank's lead generation expertise and understanding of the market dynamics surrounding their company. They were confident that Arbor would help them find the right partner for their business.

The Solutions

Kennet provided $10 million in funding, which was split between liquidity and growth capital, giving Internet Media the liquidity needed to continue to grow the company as well as the opportunity to grow as a part of an industry leader.

Arbor Value Add

  • Contacted over 100 potential investors/acquirers
  • Received 7 LOIs
  • Provided strategic advice to properly position the company in the market
  • Found the buyer who placed the most value on the company
  • Structured a transaction with up-front liquidity, growth capital and equity upside
  • Exceeded the valuation expectations of the owner
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